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  Send Encyro-secured messages and files
  Read secure messages sent or uploaded to you
  Reply and forward securely
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You type a message and attach files as usual. Then click Secure Send.

Try now: Click here to install the Encyro Outlook addin. (Re)start Outlook. Compose your message, attach files if needed, and click the Encyro Send Secure button. It is that easy!

Send Button

Easy Send

Compose message and attach files as usual. Then click Secure Send to send encrypted via Encyro.

Easy Receive

Received secure messages are automatically decrypted and displayed in Outlook, with secure files.

Reply, Forward

Usual reply, reply-all or forward buttons automatically send secure when responding to a secure message.


Fits your workflow

Your usual email workflow in Outlook becomes secure with the new Secure Send button. Your familiar reply, reply-all, and forward buttons work securely with secure messages. Attach files like you do already (no special uploads or link insertions).

Easy for recipients: no new account needed

They do not need to install the Encyro Outlook add-in, or create an account. They simply click a link sent to their email. No passphrases, keys, or certificates.

Access Outside Outlook
(on smartphones, computers)

Not on your PC with Outlook? You can access your sent and received messages or files on any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Use with Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook

Use any of your email addresses to send and receive secure messages. Only accounts you use with secure messages get associated with an Encyro account.

Get 16 Layers of Security

Everything from our software design, data center operations, and emergency procedures is optimized for security.


Helps you keep client data secure to comply with HIPAA, GDPR, Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) Act, IRS Pub. 4557, PCI-DSS, SOX and other security and privacy regulations.

Avoid Printing, Mailing, Faxing

Stop wasting valuable time taking printouts, preparing envelopes, and serving client requests for copies. Save time and money with Encyro.

Send to any email address

No more creating client accounts or shared folders, adding permissions, or sending special links to shared folders. Send direct to your client's email.

Forward secure attachments easily

No need to download, save and re-attach. You can forward a secure message and select the attachments to include. It is delivered securely.

Multi-location Encrypted Backup

We backup your data at multiple data centers separated by hundreds of miles within the United States, for extra reliability.


Easy To Install

1. Click the download button.


2. Then click the downloaded setup.exe file near the bottom of your browser to run it.

3. Restart Outlook. Start composing a new message and you will see the Encyro "Secure Send" button near the top left.

Detailed Instructions and Help

Works with your email service provider:
... and most email accounts that work with Outlook

Download and Use For Free!

You get rock solid security and direct secure-send from Outlook for free, along with all the benefits of Encyro Essential membership. Encyro Pro additionally lets you read received messages automatically within Outlook.

Encyro Essential


  • Send to any email address
  • Use with multiple email accounts
  • Receive secure from Encyro users
  • Read received: extra click to decrypt
  • Multi-location backup
  • Easy setup: Auto-managed encryption keys
  • Enhanced security: Multi-key encryption
  • Free updates
  • Mobile access, forward securely without download
  • Auto-organized files (online only)

Encyro Pro


per month, paid annually
($14.99 per month, paid monthly)
Everything in free and

  • Read received: automatically decrypts in Outlook
  • Reply, Forward is automatically secured on secure messages
  • Receive secure from anyone (get upload page)
  • Custom branding on your upload page
  • Settings to comply with HIPAA, GLBA, IRS, ...
  • Audit Trails
  • Change Message Expiry Duration
  • Add additional users (from $7.99/mo)
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Let your brand shine!

Your email signature and any logo images are preserved in secure messages sent from Outlook, and displayed to recipients just like usual.

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